How to Fix “firewall-cmd: command not found” Error

How to Fix “firewall-cmd: command not found” Error

firewall-cmd is a command line interface for firewalld (firewalld daemon), a dynamic firewall management tool with D-Bus interface. With firewall-cmd yo can manage runtime and permanent configurations of Firewalld. 

Error: firewall-cmd: command not found error when doing any firewalld related operation. 


To fix this error, you need to install firewalld on RHEL/CentOS .

root@openshiftserver# yum install firewalld

Once firewalld is installed, start firewalld and enable it to auto-start at system boot:

root@openshiftserver# systemctl start firewalld
root@openshiftserver# systemctl enable firewalld

Now Check the Service status.

root@openshiftserver# systemctl status firewalld

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